Toddler Eats Used Condom, Contracts STD

A 4-year-old boy in Atlanta is being tested for herpes and HIV after he found a used condom inside one of the beds and mistook it for a balloon.

Carmen Jones of Georgia said she was staying at a Wyndham Hotel in downtown Atlanta with her grandson when he found what appeared to be a used condom in the sheets. Before she was able to stop him, he had already put the condom in his mouth and attempted to blow it up like a balloon.

A couple days later, the boy started exhibiting signs of an STD, like fever and small blisters around his mouth.

Is anyone vomiting yet?


This isn't the first time a disgusting hotel room has been to blame for a toddler choking on a used condom.

Last year, a toddler also found and ate the contents on a used condom at a Homewood Suites in New Jersey. That time the condom was in a couch cushion and not the bed sheets, but seriously disgusting.

I will admit that every time I go into a hotel, I'm a bit skeeved, but now I will be genuinely terrified. In the New Jersey case, the parents sued with good reason. Yes, it's foul and wrong to discard a used condom anywhere other than the proper receptacles, but housekeeping is supposed to take care of that stuff.

For those of us who like to travel, we have to trust that the sheets are washed and the room is clean, but I have seen those black light specials on Dateline. I know what's lurking between the sheets.

Maybe next time I will bring my own clean sheets.

What would you do?


Image via JorgeBrazil/Flickr


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