Strip Mall Ultrasounds: Get 'Em With Your Teeth Whitening

3d ultrasoundI'll admit to being a major ultrasound dork in both pregnancies. I was able to talk myself into a few extras with baby number one but I didn't spring for the 3-D ultrasound either time. My hospital didn't offer it, and there weren't any nearby strip mall ultrasound stores that did.

I have some pretty major concerns about those places, too. Generally, they are staffed by people who know how to work the machines, but don't have any medical background or ability to diagnose problems. Results aren't shared with your doctor, either. So when I heard about this "pregnancy spa and imaging center" and was a little concerned.


I'm all about the spa for pregnant women and love that they use pregnancy-safe products. What mom-to-be couldn't use a little spa day? But throw ultrasounds in the mix, and I start to worry.

As Jeanne detailed, repeated 3-D ultrasounds may not be safe for your baby. One's probably fine ... more, especially with no clinical reason to do so? Not so much. Or really, not so much is know so why risk it?

If you were getting them under a doctor's care, that's one thing; he or she is going to eventually warn you you've got to knock it off if you're being excessive. But for-profit businesses are not ever going to refuse to take your money, especially since these run a few hundred bucks, generally. I'm just not convinced strip mall ultrasounds are a good idea, whether they're prettied up and disguised with spa stuff or not. Because ... well, would you trust a non-dentist to whiten your teeth?

What do you think of the ultrasound spa?

Image via LelandsMommy/CafeMom


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