Reading, Writing & Terror Attacks: A High School Teacher Goes Too Far

high school terror attackWhen the homework assignment reads, "Plan terror attack," that's when it's time to consider private school.

A society and environment teacher from an unnamed high school in Western Australia sent kids home with the assignment to plan a terror attack, killing as many innocent people as possible. We're guessing she didn't think this whole thing through, as the teacher is being described as well-respected and enthusiastic. She may also soon be described as "unemployed."

Luckily when the homework was given out, at least one student objected to the material, which set off a flurry of conversations, radio talk show debates, and I'm guessing a very serious PTA meeting.


The teacher canceled the assignment, which required students to explain how they would choose their victims, as well as the methods behind either a chemical or biological attack.

I don't believe an entire classroom of high school students would work this out, then decide to implement their findings, but one angry kid just might. Or at the least, inspire another high school student to do so.

Even if none of these kids was so inspired to wreak havoc on the world, there have to be other ways to teach environmental science, yes? Perhaps teach kids the ways science improves the world, rather than destroys it?

I can understand a young teacher trying to get kids excited about school, but teaching young people how to commit acts of terror doesn't belong anywhere near a civilized society.

Would you freak out if your child came home with this homework assignment?


Image via Horia Varlan/Flickr

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