3 Teen Boys Listed on Facebook 'Hit List' Killed

Facebook screen shotAccording to officials, three teen-aged boys whose names were included on a 69-name "hit list" posted to Facebook have been killed in the past 10 days in a southwestern Colombian town.

Well, this is horrifying. And pretty much takes the fun out of Facebook, now doesn't it?


The killings are still under investigation and may be gang related since a criminal gang known as Los Rastrojos and a Marxist guerrilla group called the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia both operate in the area.

The hit list was posted to Facebook in mid-August and warned all those named that they had three days to leave the Columbian town of Puerto Asis or be executed.

Listed teenagers 16-year-old student Diego Ferney Jaramillo and 17-year-old CD retailer Eibart Alejandro Ruiz Munoz were shot and killed while riding a motorcycle on the road between Puerto Asis and another town Puerto Caicedo. Soon after, Norbey Alexander Vargas, 19 years old and also on the list, was killed.

A fourth teen, Juan Pablo Zambrano Anacona, a 16-year-old student, was wounded during the Vargas killing when he gave chase to the assassins.

Police initially thought the list was a joke, said Volmar Perez Ortiz, the federal "defender of the public." However, the "hit list" killings have proved otherwise, causing Puerto Asis parents to panic and send their kids out of town because they're on the "hit list."

Wow, to think gangs are potentially using social media to put out murder warnings is a bit frightening. Sure, this is in Columbia, but how long until horrible uses for Facebook like this hit America?

What do you think of this story about the Facebook "hit list"? Are you afraid for your kids?


Image via Global X/Flickr


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