Stuck in Washing Machines and Other Toddler Craziness

On Sunday, my 2-year-old toddler son went cartwheeling down our hardwood staircase with his head. He was fine, but I'm still shaking three days later. That little boy scares me.

In fact, toddlers in general terrify me.

They're always teetering on the edge of something -- climbing too high, getting stuck in things, exploring electrical outlets. This 2-year-old recently got stuck in a washing machine set on the spin cycle in China, and it took her family and a crew of firefighters an hour to get her out.

Everyone questioned how she got into the machine in the first place, but I don't. Toddlers are little insane people.


I realize that part of childhood is exploring the world around them and testing their boundaries, but I also understand why people call toddlerhood the first adolescence.

They are impossible.

And my son is so much worse than my daughter. At least she knew her limits. My son stands at the top of the stairs on our porch waving his arms: "I can fly mommy!"

Um, no. You can't.

His favorite game is to get his bike going as fast as he can and ride it into walls. He loves speed and crashing and when he falls he thinks it's hilarious (until it isn't).

Seriously, I sometimes worry I will not survive my children's toddlerhood. I worry about them constantly and don't let the little ones out of my sight for a minute. 

Are you finding this with toddlers, too? Does it get better as they age?


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