Toddler Hero Saves Father, but Did She Do the Right Thing?

Alesaundra TafoyaIn a heartwarming story out of California, 3-year-old Alesaundra Tafoya saved her father's life

After finding him collapsed on the floor from a bad mixture of medicine he took, the chatty little toddler walked two blocks by herself to a fire station to get help.

When she showed up alone, she told the stunned firefighters that her father was "frozen and wouldn't wake up."

"I've been here over 20 years," Capt. Robert Villalovoz told a local CBS affiliate. "It's the first time I've had a 3-year-old walk up to the fire station. She walked us down to her house and there her dad was, sitting in the living room, needing medical care."

Doctors said he would have died if not for the prompt medical care.


Her parents said they frequently point out the fire station as a "safe place," and she was obviously listening to them.

But didn't they tell her about dialing 911?

Or never leaving the house alone?

Perhaps they did, and she just panicked -- very likely for a small toddler. I'm amazed she was composed enough to do what she did.

But while the happy ending is wonderful, and she truly is a hero, a 3-year-old wandering alone outside could have just as easily ended in tragedy.

How do you think your toddler would handle an emergency situation like this?

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