Toddler Used as Bait in Carjacking

child alone in streetAs if carjacking someone wasn't bad enough, a criminal in Memphis recently seems to have used a toddler to help him commit the crime. Talk about low.

Police say the criminal allegedly placed the toddler in the road ALONE. When a woman stopped to see if the child was OK and if the 3-year-old's parents were anywhere around, a man with a gun took her car and the toddler too.

Presumably the toddler was his or at least in his care before the incident.


I wouldn't think twice about stopping to help a child who appeared to be alone or in need of help, especially not on a sunny Sunday afternoon in a quiet neighborhood as in this case.

But after reading this, now I might hesitate. I'm sure my heart would win out, but shame on this man for causing any doubt in anyone's mind about helping a child.

There should be a special kind of karma for someone who not only places a toddler in what could be a dangerous situation, but who also takes advantage of a stranger's kindness.

The suspect is still at large.

Do stories like this make you rethink helping strangers?

Image via ktylerconk/Flickr

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