Woman Fired Over Her 'Hostile Fetus' Sues

Have you ever heard of a "hostile fetus"? No? Neither have I.

Jammie Harms, an Omaha, Nebraska, woman has, though.

She is suing her former boss, accusing him of calling her unborn child hostile and suggesting that the fetus inside her had a "negative agenda" before he fired her.

I have had some crazy bosses in my day, but this guy may take the cake. 

According to Harms claim, Hearthstone Homes CEO John Smith, for whom Harms worked as an executive assistant, felt he was spiritually connected to her fetus and it "was creating a negative energy in the work place"

According to Hearthstone Homes? It was part of a 40 percent staff reduction, not because of the hostility of the fetus.

My money? It's on the mommy. And here's why:

  1. How could anyone make this up?
  2. Other employees insist CEO Smith and other company leaders forced workers to attend Mind, Body, and Energy sessions, or MBE, a practice the company describes as holistic and good for their business.
  3. Even the Vice President in charge of cleaning up the PR mess this lawsuit has created will not fully call Harms a liar.

According to Action 3 News:

"Did it happen?" Neil Smith answers, "I think those specific questions will be answered through the course of the lawsuit." I ask, "So, you can't tell me if he did say that?" "No," Smith responds. "So there is a possibility that he did say that?" I ask. "I suppose, there's also a possibility he didn't say that."

If what Harms says is true and this man did call her fetus "hostile," then she deserves something for her lawsuit because that is just plain insane and abusive.

I have had two fetuses kick me from the inside in a rather dramatic fashion. I have even had them wedge themselves in my ribs and headbutt my cervix, but hostile? No. That's a new one.

What do you think of this?


Image via mostaque/Flickr

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