Katy Perry and Her Whipped Cream Boobs: New La Leche League Spokesperson?

At the end of Katy Perry's video for "California Gurls," the singer and entertainer straps two containers of whipped cream to her ample breasts and starts spraying the world with the fluffy white treat.

And across America, one million nursing moms said, "I do that, too!"

Well, OK. Maybe not a million of us, but I sure did. My son turned 2 years old last week and although I had vowed to have him weaned by his first birthday and then again when he turned 18 months and then again (oops!) by the big 2, we are still chugging along the old whipped cream cattle (literally) train, and I have just started to get those comments:

"Isn't he a bit too old to nurse?"

"He likes it," I say, shrugging. But oh, maybe he is ... and by now I feel more Bessie than sexy. But then Katy Perry came long with her giant boobs that could shoot whipped cream and it reminded me:


I am a hot mama. And all breastfeeding moms are kind of like that, at least to our nurslings.

Just like Katy Perry!

OK, so I admit that breast milk is likely not quite as tasty as Cool Whip, but I guarantee it's better than cow's milk judging from the way my son loves to guzzle it. And besides, even though I've been nursing him far longer than I planned, I'm still pretty proud of my body's ability to give him something he loves so much and that's so good for him and created especially for him.

So it may be a bit (just a tad) different than a hottie in an inexplicable Candyland world spraying Snoop Dog with sundae topping, but it's still pretty damn cool even if my son is too old to do it.

With something seemingly ridiculous, Katy Perry reminds me (and nusing moms everywhere): We are not dairy cows just because our children drink from the tap. Personally, I nominate Katy Perry as the new spokesperson for La Leche League.

Did you feel like a dairy cow when you nursed?


Image via MTV.com

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