'Boxing Dad' Kills Toddler Son

Lee Willie DeJesus, 23, was just trying to teach his 2-year-old to box when the toddler hit his head and became unresponsive. Or so this piece of crap Florida "father" says.

Here is my question: Why are there so many horrible parents?

I thought I could not get any angrier after hearing about the father who got an 11-year-old pregnant and the NH father who abused his 9-month-old, but this one takes the cake.

Maybe it's because I have a 2-year-old son and I know how much he loves and trusts his daddy and how much he would love to play with him and try a new activity. So, the idea that this awful man breached that trust in such an egregious way is really making my stomach queasy.


Oh, but this guy thinks it's normal, apparently, to teach a toddler to box.

At least the other two men made excuses or felt remorse (although I think that only proves they were caught), but this guy actually thinks teaching a 2-year-old to box is normal.

According to NBC:

DeJesus told officers he was watching his son while the mother was at work when he decided to have a sparring session with the toddler.

He put on 16-ounce boxing gloves and punched his son, Willy Brown, as much as 15 times during the boxing lesson, according to police.

So I guess this guy didn't really consider it abuse if he was wearing boxing gloves? First he tried to pin the bruises on a babysitter. Then he said the child fell off the bed. Then he admitted the truth. Oh and he was doing a service, teaching him how to fight, how to be strong. He waited 30 minutes to call 911 after the boy was unconscious.

That is some seriously stellar parenting.

And now this child is dead because he had the dumbest dad in the country. What a horribly sad waste.

Would anyone else like to see Mike Tyson knock this guy around?


Image via markhillary/Flickr

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