Another Toddler Missing in Arizona, Left While Mom Took Nap

toddler missing in arizona
Emmitt Trapp, missing 2-year-old
Two toddlers within 35 miles of each other have disappeared in the last two weeks, but this time the police do not suspect foul play, at least not yet.

Two-year-old Emmitt Trapp apparently walked out of his home while his mother was taking a nap around 8 p.m. on Monday in Yavapai County in Arizona. In the case of Sylar Newton, the 2-year-old who disappeared from a campground in Beaver Creek, the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office announced yesterday that the little boy was presumed dead, and they suspect the toddler did not wander off on his own.


Both cases are absolutely heartbreaking, and I hope both little boys will be found safe and sound very soon, even if it seems the search has reached a dead end in the case of Newton.

I'm also wondering how Emmitt Trapp was able to get out of a house at the very tiny age of 2. Whether it's unlocked doors or very low door knobs, it's making me re-evaluate the exits in my home as my little boy gets stronger and faster every day. Of course, I'll also avoid napping while he's still awake and outside of his crib.

Not even the most vigilant mother can prevent every type of accident, but I do wonder if this second toddler disappearance could not have been prevented with a flip of a dead bolt. I'm sure Emmitt's mom is wondering the same thing.

Do you nap when your toddler is still awake?


Image via AZ Central

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