Toddlers Used in Wal-Mart Theft

toddlers used in wal mart theftStealing from a major corporation that has extensive security is never a good plan. But these young girls thought they had an iron-clad method: Make the toddlers do the dirty work.

In Florida, a 12-year-old and a 14-year-old wanted to lift some merch from the big box store, so they apparently borrowed a 2- and 3-year-old from their mother. The girls loaded up a stroller with stolen goods and made the 3-year-old boy sit on top of it to camouflage the loot as they were walking out of the store.

Even worse, they filled up a backpack with stolen items and made the 2-year-old wear it out of the store. You can see how it all went down in the really disturbing video.


Of course Wal-Mart has a surveillance system that outsmarted the teen and tween, and they were all rustled up as they tried to leave the store with $450 worth of stolen property. The girls were sisters, but there is no word on who the mother of the two little ones is, and if she even knew the girls had the tots.

Using toddlers to do your dirty work is a new low. Since all of them were under the age of 18, it's not like they were going to get sent to the big house. But the sisters have been charged with shoplifting and cruelty toward a child.

I'd love to hear from the mom how she feels about her kids being used in this way. I hope she's in a position to cut ties with these young girls who not only set a horrible example, but put her children in a very scary situation.

What do you think the girls' punishment should be?


Image via Daquella manera

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