Would You Let Your Toddler Stay in the $995 'Eloise' Suite at The Plaza?

eloise suite at the plazaThe Eloise Suite has been unveiled at The Plaza and it's magnificent.

Designer Betsey Johnson pinked it up for the landmark hotel, and she did, in fact, nail everything the precocious Eloise would have loved.

There's a pink and fringe explosion happening, along with Johnson's signature zebra stripes on the rug. A closet full of dress-up clothes awaits the lucky little girl who gets to bunk at The Plaza.

A child-friendly tea service is included (thank goodness!) where your dahhling girl can munch on miniature grilled cheese sandwiches, cookies, pb & j, and lemonade.

While this sounds amazing, I have to say it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


tea at the plazaI took my daughter to The Plaza for tea this year. She was about to turn 4, and I thought it would just be a ridiculous amount of fun to dress up and have tea with mom in a fancy setting. It was. (That's her in the picture, in awe of the towering finger foods.)

After our snacks, we went off to the Eloise gift shop where my daughter picked up a copy of the book, because we didn't have one at home and neither of us had ever read it. That's when things went south.

Somehow I missed out on Eloise as a child. I'm guessing my mother who leaned more toward Free to Be, You and Me had something to do with that oversight. My daughter read the story of the trouble-making tot with growing horror, and I was also more than a little concerned about the glorification of self-centered, unacceptable behavior.

By the end my gal was incredulous and declared Eloise to be a very bad girl and asked me why Eloise never said she was sorry to all the people she was torturing. Then, sadly, my daughter told me she never wanted to go back to The Plaza again because she was afraid of "running into that bad girl."

I'm with her. As an adult, reading Kay Thompson's children's book is amusing and entertaining because I'm in on the joke. My 3-year-old wasn't. She wanted to know where her mommy and daddy were and seemed distressed by the fact that this little girl caused so much trouble, and lived alone in a hotel with the nanny.

Spending a grand on a fancy hotel room to indulge a little girl's Eloise fantasies takes the endorsing of this bad behavior about one thousand steps further.

Would you spend that much money to let your little girl spend the night in Eloise's Suite?


Image via WCBS

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