Well Endowed Chalk Man Boosts Fertility -- There's Proof!

giant chalk manTrying to get knocked up? Consider a vacation to the county of Dorset in the southwest part of England. On a hillside in the village of Cerne Abbas, there's a giant chalk man carved into a hillside. Visiting him is said to bless a woman with many children, and having sex on top of the carving is said to cure infertility.

No one knows who the giant chalk man depicts, but he's wielding a club and sporting an erection that would make a porn star jealous. No one know how long he's been there either.


Some believe he may be a parody of Oliver Cromwell; others think he may be Hercules. He likely dates from the 17th century. What's indisputable is he's, um, rather impressively endowed (click the very NSFW link for the full Monty) and the carving makes this fact unmistakable. Think well-hung gingerbread man, and you've pretty much got it.

Interestingly, women in the county of Dorset seem to be taking his "inspiration" to heart. They have the highest fertility rate in all of England, topping out at three children per woman. That's twice the national average and ties the highest ever fertility rate there. One daycare owner told the Telegraph that their five-bed baby unit was booked through next year.

Do you believe in any fertility myths or legends? Did you try anything like a visit to the Giant Chalk Man?

Image via Byrion Smith/Flickr

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