Happy Meal Toy Almost Kills Toddler

Last Airbender McDonald's toyHappy Meal toys just got another knock against them.

A Connecticut mom says a toy her 4-year-old son pulled out of a The Last Airbender-themed meal at McDonald's almost choked him.

But in a twist on the old choking hazard tale, Maze Stephan's son didn't swallow the toy -- he put it around his neck.


Now the Connecticut chief of consumer protection is speaking out against the hazards of Happy Meal toys, even as McDonald's says the promotion has ended and the toys are no longer being handed out.

My first thought: Why did the child put this around his neck?

The second? Of course he put it around his neck. He's a kid; he wanted to see if it would go around there.

Fortunately The Day reports his mom "yanked the toy off the child's neck as his eyes began to flutter and he nearly lost consciousness."

We've already challenged the appropriateness of fast food toys being geared to movies that the kids playing with them can't watch.

In this case The Last Airbender is PG-13; a 4-year-old is too young for the film. And it seems he was likewise too young for the toys.

Whether Happy Meals in particular are actually encouraging childhood obesity or not, evidence that they're not particularly good for kids as a whole just keeps mounting.

Is it time to bid them adieu?


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