Doctors Save Toddler With Metal Rod Lodged in His Brain

brain toddler hookIt's a mom's worst nightmare. Your toddler drops his sippy cup, then leans over in his chair to pick it up, and falls. In 17-month-old Jessiah Jackson's case, he landed headfirst on top of a pressure washer and a hook from the machine jammed into his head. The hook stopped just short of the brain's main blood vessel. A puncture to that vessel would have been a fatal injury.

But after a successful surgery, Jackson is being called the "miracle baby."


After seeing Jessiah fall, his uncle made sure he didn't move; Lavern Nobels, a neighbor and former volunteer firefighter, sawed through the metal pipe to free Jessiah from the pressure washer.

"I went down by his shoulder blades and I cut through the bar this way, away from him," she said.

Jessiah was airlifted to a hospital where doctors removed a hook that was embedded two inches into the little boy's brain. Doctors are monitoring him carefully for infection, but he's expected to fully recover with no long-term complications.


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