Vampires Move In on Dick and Jane: Sneak Peek

Dick and Jane and VampiresFirst the zombies and sea monsters took over Jane Austen's classics.

How long did you expect the creepy creatures to wait until they took over children's classic fare?

Dick and Jane has officially joined the ranks of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Sense and Sensibilities and Sea Monsters with a visit from the vampires.

Grab your garlic because The Stir got you a sneak peek.


Call Dick and Jane and Vampires "Twilight for the kiddie set."

No, really, if you're a Twi-hater, you'll probably find the language is on the same level, but the story's substantially more subtle.

A taste:

"Look, Dick.

Look, Jane.

Look up.

Look up at the sky."

Any guesses what's up there? Hint: It's daytime. And it's black, with wings.

The tales are strikingly similar to the Dick and Jane of your childhood (and Grandma's and Great-Grandma's too -- this series started in the 1930s).

The freak in the carriage is the scariest it gets:

vampiresAnd apparently Stephenie Meyer had something right: Vampires are quiet athletic:

vampire jumping ropeThere are always the horrors of doing chores that your kids will identify with:

vampire doing laundryThe book hits shelves in late August. So what do you think? Gag gift for a Twilight fan? Must-have for the kids? 


Images via Tommy Hunt/Penguin Young Readers

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