4 Pregnant Ass-Kicking Super Heroes

Now that Ali Larter, who played Niki/Tracy in Heroes has announced her pregnancy, and rumors keep swirling that Megan Fox, of the Transformers movies, is herself with child, it got me thinking about other ass-kicking action hero pregnant mamas in pop culture. After all, nothing turns a timid woman tough faster than the need to protect her little ones.

Here's four more mamas that the bad guys regretted tangling with:






Jennifer Garner, Alias: Hard to remember that before she became one of the more normal-seeming celebrity moms, she played seriously tough spy Sydney Bristow in Alias. During the show's final season, she was pregnant with daughter Violet, which was written into the show as a major plot point.

Sarah Connor: While actress Linda Hamilton was not pregnant in the Terminator movies, her character Sarah Connor was carrying the baby that would end up saving the human race. Through four movies and a TV series, she stopped at nothing to protect son John -- and grew some impressive biceps in the process.

Angelina Jolie: Again, St. Angie has not been pregnant in any of her action movies, although she did fall in love with Cambodia while filming the first Lara Croft movie and subsequently returned to adopt Maddox, her oldest son. Salt, which opens this week, also features her in a pretty ass-kicking role. Not bad for a mom of five!

Ellen Ripley: Sigourney Weaver is a mom herself, and played a mother to a feral girl named Newt in the first and and second Alien movies. She wasn't pregnant, exactly, but was cloned in such a way as to extract an Alien queen in Alien:Resurrection, as well.

It's no surprise to any of us that moms are capable of being heroes, but it's kind of nice to see popular culture catch up.

Who's your favorite female action hero?

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