Pregnant? No Mortgage for You!

In this climate of mortgage fears, it can be hard to get a mortgage, period, but if you're pregnant? You may have to forget it.

Apparently banks have become skittish about loaning to pregnant women because they're likely to be going on some kind of short-term disability soon, which banks are unable to count as regular income.

A New York Times article cited a woman -- a doctor -- who was unable to qualify for her mortgage because she was on maternity leave (something they discovered via "out of office" email) until she had a signed and verified letter from her employer confirming that she was receiving her money from accrued vacation and sick days rather than disability.



They say they aren't penalizing people for having children, but really, maternity leave in this country is abysmal enough. Three months, most of it unpaid (depending on the company) is not a good policy. Not by a long shot and we are way behind most other nations in terms of providing quality childcare that doesn't cost an arm and a leg or any kind of subsidies for families of young children.

And now this.

I don't understand why we're told our whole lives that having a family is wonderful and then once we do, the government (and our employers) say, "Great, now that you've done that, resume life as usual as soon as possible."

Now we can't get housing because we take a measly three months off?

When I was pregnant, I used to wonder why women were not rioting in the streets over this stuff, but after I had the baby and was forced out of my job by a boss who refused to offer me even the most basic of flexible return to work packages, I realized why. We don't have time.

We're at home with kids and if we aren't home with them, we're rushing around to their $2,400 monthly (per child) day cares picking them up, bringing them home, feeding them dinner, and fighting our guilt.

But hey, at least we got our mortgage.

Are you having trouble getting your mortgage while pregnant?


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