2-Year-Old Undergoes Fertility Procedure So She Can Have Children

ovaryTwo-year-old Violet Lee of Brooklyn, New York, might want to have kids someday. But the toddler starts chemotherapy treatments this week (she suffers from a serious autoimmune disorder) and they could hurt her chances of ever conceiving a child -- chemo and radiation can cause sterility.

Violet's mom couldn't bear the thought of her daughter not being able to have children. So tomorrow, Violet will become the youngest person ever to undergo an experimental "fertility preservation" procedure, during which a doctor will remove and freeze one of her ovaries.


Her tiny organ will be put on ice and be ready for re-implantation if Violet decides to have kids when she grows up.

Kutluk Oktay, the doctor doing the procedure on Violet, has already performed the surgery on about 40 girls under the age of 18 (the youngest was 3). But while ovary transplants have shown some success in women, it's unclear whether they will have the same success in little girls since their ovaries will have to be frozen for many more years -- even decades.

Would you have your toddler undergo such a procedure if you feared she might not be able to have biological children?

Image via euthman/Flickr

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