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illegal baby namesFun baby news from around the globe!

  • I admit there are times when I thought our own country could use a little baby name regulation (Pilot Inspektor, anyone?), but in many countries the laws are so restrictive your chosen baby name must denote the sex of the baby. In Denmark, there are only 7,000 pre-approved baby names every family must use, and in China you must now have a name that can be read by a computer scanner. This so would not fly in our country where you can spell Aiden 20 different ways. -- CNN
  • Yikes. A couple in Buffalo had one son, followed by twin boys and now triplets -- all boys. While they say it was without the help of fertility treatments, I have to wonder about the randomness of it all. And, of course, if they're going to try again for a girl. --True/Slant


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