Forgetting Kids in Cars: Is a Cell Phone Really Going to Make Up for Sucky Parenting?

cell phoneThe overheated kid in the car story comes up every summer and makes me want to cry.

But for all that I feel for these parents, the advice the TV crews keep dredging up on how NOT to forget your kids smacks of some pretty sucky parenting.

The reporter on the TV news this week actually suggested putting your purse or cell phone in the backseat next to your kids (not her fault -- the suggestion came from an expert).

Not surprisingly this was in the same broadcast where a bunch of folks on the street admitted they are NEVER without their cell phones.

So what does this say about American parents?


That we'll remember our cell phones ... but not our flesh and blood kids?

That doesn't point to a devastating accident in the cases of kids accidentally left in the car by a caregiver -- it points to parents who are just plain pathetic.

Repeat after me: If your cell phone is weighing heavier on your mind than your kid, it's time to disconnect.

Fortunately, the numbers don't bear out to there being that many awful parents.

Statistics show that 91 percent of Americans are mobile subscribers, but less than 470 kids have died from hyperthermia in the past 12 years.

That's 460-some kids too many, but that number also represents kids who have decided to PLAY in a car without their parents' knowledge and have gotten stuck in there.

I'll say it again -- I feel for these families. This is a terrible tragedy. But that doesn't excuse giving out crappy advice ... or crappy parenting as a whole. 

Do you think this is a good tip or evidence of a bigger problem?


Image via coolmikeol/Flickr

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