Chinese Toddler Eats 20 Nails!

Toddler Ate NailsTalk about children eating junk food ... a Chinese toddler was found to have consumed 20 steel nails and 5 pins.

The parents of the 18-month-old girl named Yi Ting took her to the hospital after she complained of stomach pains. An x-ray showed all the metal.

What's interesting is that doctors first suspected child abuse, not believing that a child would willingly consume the hardware. So they left her alone with a couple of nails and cautioned the toddler not to eat them while they watched from a nearby room.


She went for them. Luckily they stopped her before she ate any more, but still. What kind of a method is that?!

"There was at the start a suspicion that the child was being forced to eat the nails, especially as girl children are not always as popular as boys because of the one-child policy," a police spokesperson told Daily Mail. "But doctors disproved this with their experiment -- as long as the parents are more careful in the future, we hope the case has now been solved."

Doctors say one reason the toddler may be eating the nails is a disorder known as pica, where people eat strange things because they're lacking certain minerals and vitamins -- the same thing that sometimes makes pregnant women crave dirt.

It's amazing the girl is doing OK now and didn't suffer any punctured organs or worse during the ordeal!

What's the strangest/most dangerous thing your child has ever eaten?

Image via Daily Mail

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