Man Names Baby After Lady Gaga

baby named after lady gagaA man in the UK took his 4-year-old step-daughter's advice and named his baby Lady Gaga.

Meggie Maisie Lady Gaga is the official name registered to the baby who gets the moniker thanks to her older sister's love for the flamboyant performer.

Wow, would I be ticked off at my husband if I discovered he let my 4-year-old name our son. Which, believe me, she wanted to but we kind of have a rule about the children in our house not making permanent, lifelong decisions. At least until they can vote.


The baby's mother was equally shocked, but somehow resigned as she said once they had the paperwork, the father of the baby just "wouldn't back down."

That's when you step up and say, "Listen you a-hole. I just pushed a human out of me, I get a say in this whole situation."

Maybe she's secretly a fan of Gaga also.

Let's just hope the next time a baby is born in that family, the older sister isn't going through a Pokemon phase.

Would you let a 4-year-old name your baby?


Image via Domain Barnyard/Flickr

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