Is 'Eclipse' Movie OK for Toddlers? Burger King Thinks So

Eclipse movie The fast food kids' meal is getting a lot of heat these days between the possible lawsuit against McDonald's and general health concerns.

So let's add this one to the pile: I noticed Burger King handing out Eclipse toys to toddlers.

Hold the honey mustard sauce here! These kids are still on their baby teeth, and we're already pushing vampires on them?


This is a movie that's rated PG-13, based on books that are very definitely teen "lit" and have a rabid adult fan base (and I do mean rabid). I won't mince words: What the hell are they thinking?

I don't put too much stock in these toys to begin with -- we try to avoid fast food restaurants with our child, using them largely as a last resort. But I'm hip to the lure of the toys -- kids see the commercials.

They WANT those toys.

And at 3, 4, even 8 or 9, they don't care about the nuggets (or the nitrates). They care about the toys.

So it's pretty clear that a kid begging for a trip to BK with Mom and Dad these days is going to pay attention to the packaged goodie in that paper bag covered in Robert Patz. And if it's in toy form, well, why can't they watch it?

Because Mommy doesn't want you to think drooling is OK, kids!

Oh yeah, and she doesn't want you thinking the biggest choice in life is choosing between a dog or a dead guy.

I love me some Twilight folks, so don't get your sparkling panties in a bunch. I'm just not ready to turn my tot into a Jacob junkie. And since the occasional fast food treat is OK in my book (read OCCASIONAL), I'll be skipping the King until I can have it MY way.

The Club BK site says Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore toys are coming soon. Let's make it snappy BK.


Image via Burger King

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