Mom Fight at Kindergarten Graduation, Two Arrested

women fight boxing brawlA fight between two moms, and possibly others, interrupted a kindergarten graduation in Victorville, CA last week, and two moms were arrested.

Nice, moms, real nice.


The two moms who were later arrested -- Marina Vargas, 29, of Hesperia and Queiona Burt, 31, of Victorville -- allegedly got into a brawl during the kindergarten graduation at Puesta Del Sol Elementary School in San Bernardino County.

The fight ended up in a nearby field, but the women took off before police arrived. The cause of the fight was still being investigated. The two adults were later arrested, based on anonymous tips phoned into the sheriff's department.

As a consequence, no parents were allowed to attend the sixth grade graduation the next day.

Could you imagine if your mom got into a big scrap at your kindergarten graduation, let alone with another mom? How embarrassing.

Ever seen a fight break out at one of your kid's school event?


Image via moron_noodle/Flickr

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