66-Year-Old Has Triplets: Is There a 'Right Age' for Pregnancy?

Me at 28, pregnantA 66-year-old woman and her 70-year-old husband in India just gave birth to triplets after years of infertility.

No, that is not a typo. Sixty-six, indeed. Older than my parents.

And while I am sure her intentions are good and that she will love these children, the idea is very disturbing to me. The age at which to become pregnant is a cause for much debate. For the body, some might say younger is better. It certainly is true that a woman in her early 20s has more energy than someone in their early 40s (or mid-60s), but it does beg the question:

Is there a right age to become pregnant?


The doctor who helped impregnate this woman said that it's possible anyone could go out and get hit by a bus at any time and leave their children behind. True enough. I lost my mother when she was 45 to breast cancer. She was 28 when she had me.

But as someone who lost my mother too young (for both of us), it was important to me to have my children young (under 30) so that I could cut the odds that they would be in that position.

Living in an urban area in the Northeast, I am at least five years younger than most parents I know, which is at times isolating. Although I am lucky that my husband happens to have a career that has been lucrative even in his 20s, many of the parents I know who are older can afford much larger homes and private schools that my husband and I have just recently been able to consider, now that we are in our early 30s and finally higher up in our careers.

On the other hand, I became pregnant easily and had textbook-healthy pregnancies because of my age. Also, my children get parents who have a ton of energy, who are still silly and playful, and who will hopefully get to meet their children and (maybe) even their children's children.

It's hard to say whether there's a right age, and there are benefits and drawbacks to whatever age you decide to get pregnant.

How old were you during your first pregnancy?

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