3-Year-Old Sells Her Paintings for Tens of Thousands of Dollars

pee wee picasso
Photo by Splash News
You know those fingerpaint creations of your toddler's that you toss soon after they've worn out their welcome on the refrigerator door? You might want to sell them instead.

Aelita Andre, also known as the "pee wee Picasso," started selling her paintings when she was just 2 -- she started painting at 9 months old -- and they go for tens of thousands of dollars.

When news of Aelita's talents and gallery show hit the world last year, her parents were called manipulative, exploitative, and deceptive.

But a year later, Aelita is still painting and making a lot of money doing it.


She's sold 32 of her paintings to collectors around the world, and has had several more gallery showings. According to her parents, the money goes into a trust fund for Aelita. Her mother says she sometimes feels guilty for selling her work. Then why does she?

''Because people offering money for her work legitimizes it,'' she told The Vine. ''This is how society works. Most of the time I develop relationships with the buyers. They buy it because they feel positive about it. People have told me, 'We're not buying because a 2-year-old did it, we're buying it because we love it.'"

Aelita's parents prime her canvases in the strong colors that help make her paintings distinctive. They insist everything else is her own work.

Aelita has just learned how to tie her shoelaces.

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