Carrie Bradshaw Is a Toddler, Stop Worrying Mom

splashing in puddles
Photo by Jeanne Sager
Parenting a toddler takes a lot out of me -- so here's the news I missed while I was chasing after her on a scooter:

  • Forget feminism, this cutting review of Sex and the City 2 makes Carrie Bradshaw sound an awful lot like a toddler. I know my daughter would rock that flouncy skirt. -- Telegraph
  • There's only so much time in a day ladies, so just how much do you spend worrying about your kids? Survey says: waaaay too much. -- The Mommy Files
  • My daughter loved her summer in Music Together, and we always meant to go back. This ringing endorsement has left me kicking myself that we didn't. -- Rookie Moms
  • Rainy days drive me crazy; but my daughter loves nothing more than splashing in puddles. So why do we drive ourselves nuts trying to keep them dry? -- Momversation


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