Rima Fakih: A Role Model for Our Girls?

Miss USA Rima Fikah bikini
Photo from Miss Universe
You know it's a strange week when people are talking about a beauty pageant contestant being, gulp, a role model for our daughters.

Let's get this one straight -- Rima Fakih's crowning as Miss USA 2010 may be a win for immigrants.

But even before the requisite stripper pole photos showed up, there's the little matter of strutting in a swimsuit ... and allowing herself to be objectified in, ahem, a beauty pageant.


Only after a week of schoolgirls shaking their moneymakers to Single Ladies would this one come as a relief.

If Miss USA has done one thing for me this week, it's reminded me how to be creative. Yes, she's beautiful. Yes, that crown makes her look like a princess.

But in discussing the news of the day with my daughter, my focus has been on the positives as I'd prefer they apply to her life.

Not on how this immigrant has come so far only to end up half nekkid in bikini shots, but how this immigrant is an American just like you and me. How said half nekkid body is a reason to keep exercising and eating right.

It's not a matter of hiding the truth from my child -- I pride myself in honesty -- but in making myself the lens through which she sees the world at this point.

No, Rima Fakih isn't the perfect role model for our girls. But she's the perfect starting point for conversation, for taking serious our role as models for our daughters.

Have you discussed Miss USA 2010 with your girls?

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