R-Rated Movies Lead Tweens to Drink

Flickr photo by mighty-min
Is letting your middle-schoolers watch those R-rated movies leading them straight to their first beer?

A new study says it could be true.


Researchers at Dartmouth Medical School found that "among those whose parents let them watch R-rated movies 'all the time,' almost a quarter had tried a drink without their parents' knowledge. That compares with barely 3% who tried a drink among those who were 'never allowed' to watch R-movies."

The finding wasn't based on overall parenting decisions either, but was controlled by parenting style and still found the movies have this effect.

Not a great finding since according to David Walsh, founder of the nonprofit National Institute on Media and the Family, "The younger kids use (alcohol), the greater the risk."

Are you going to ban R-rated films from your tween? Or do you already without exception?
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