Dale Earnhardt Jr. Visits Handy Manny

Photo Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
Handy Manny fans, start your engines. NASCAR favorite Dale Earnhardt Jr. has lent his voice to a new DVD for fans of Disney's Spanish-speaking mechanic.

Any guess what the show's about?


Ding, ding, ding.

Earnhardt is Chase Davis, a legendary race car driver (shadows of his father perhaps) who shows up as Manny, voiced by Wilmer Valderrama, works to ready a car for the "Wood Valley 500" in Handy Manny's Big Race.

Between the all-out love of race cars that Disney engendered with Cars (which featured Earnhardt as well) and the fact that some 36% of NASCAR fans have kids under 18, it looks like this one will be a hit with a wide range of families.

But I've got to be honest -- I wasn't watching for Jr. (no offense meant, I'm married to a Southerner after all, and I've seen my fair share of NASCAR). I happen to have a hankering for Manny, the tools, and their trips to Kelly's.

Maybe it's the fact that the story line changes (if I hear "say map" one more time, Dora will be kicked to the moon)? Or it's a bit of my That 70's Show love shining through?

Either way, this is one Spanish dude who drives me loco.

Who will you be watching for? Junior or Manny?

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