3-Year-Old's Cooking Show and T-Shirt Teddy Bears

Photo by Curveymama
Toddlerhood is slipping fast from my fingers, but there are ways to make it last forever.

  • Take the Yippity Yo Cooking Show, a series of YouTube vids of an adorable 3-year-old that will be cracking her parents up years in the future. -- YouTube
  • I hand down most of my daughter's clothes to my goddaughter, but what can you do with all those tees you can't let go? Make a teddy bear (or for those not blessed with the Martha gene, have it made FOR you). -- LilSugar
  • I hate shopping -- except for when it's for my daughter. Apparently I'm not alone. -- Yahoo! Shine
  • Pretending the batteries can't be changed in my daughter's electronic toys is a favorite pastime. But a better option: Not buying them in the first place. I'm craving the return to imagination. -- MomLogic
  • Video chat is helping families across the country track their favorite toddlers. No more missing a moment -- do you do it? -- Momversation
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