Mammia Mia!: How to Handle A Toddler on Broadway

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Ask me what kind of parent opens their wallet for Broadway tickets for their toddler.

Go head -- stamp sucker on my forehead and spoiled on my daughter's.

I'd do it again.


True, I'd probably need to find the same good deal we snagged for seats at a Sunday afternoon matinee of Mamma Mia! in Manhattan. That went a long way in bridging the gap between treating my daughter and spoiling her.

But here's how we made sure it would be success not supreme disaster:

  1. I checked the show site beforehand to make sure she'd be allowed in. Many theaters do not allow kids under 4 to attend, and each show has an age recommendation.
  2. I booked an aisle seat for her -- so she could stick her head out to see around the people in front of us, and we could make a quick exit if she needed a bathroom break.
  3. I asked for a booster seat -- they're free to use at theaters.
  4. I played the music for her on the way to the theater. A fan of the movie (apparently the bastion of the pre-school set), she was already familiar with the songs and a big fan -- hence the trip -- but having the lyrics fresh in her mind amped up the enjoyment.
  5. I gave up on my idea of seeing a show on my terms. She wanted to sit on my lap; I let her face block mine. She had to go to the bathroom; I got up just minutes before intermission.

The chance to take in a live performance -- rather than watching it all on the television screen -- is a nice way to kickstart their cultural education. So why wait?

Have you taken your tot a show?

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