Solving Mysteries With the Great Mouse Detective

Photo from Disney
It's not the best known of the Disney movies, but I wanted to be The Great Mouse Detective as a kid.

Of course I dressed up as Sherlock Holmes for Halloween one year -- big "L" on my forehead and all -- so take this all with a grain of salt.

Still -- I can't be the only one excited that Disney is bringing the 1986 animated flick back out this month. Right? Right?


Amazon; $11.99
Mysteries seem to have a hold on toddlers who are always asking "why," and the addition of a special feature dubbed "So You Think You Can Sleuth," an animated history lesson on detective work, might just turn them onto a new career (bye bye princess or police officer).

The Mystery in the Mist edition DVD satisfies the thirst for sleuthing tales my toddler developed from a few too many viewings of Backyardigans' Super Secret Spy.

Of course, you'll need a super sleuth outfit to get in the mood. Chances are your toddler will find it cool -- even if they'll see a giant forehead "L" when they look back at it in 10 years.

Do your kids love a good mystery?

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