What Happened to the Disney Characters?

Photo from Disney Consumer Products
Does your kid's new Buzz Lightyear or Mickey doll look a little weird?

Disney has been playing with our kids' favorite characters for a new toy line, and we're still not sure what we think of the Pook-a-Looz ($7.99 -- $12.50).


One of the super soft stuffed animals was sent to The Stir for us to try to figure out. 

The folks at Disney tell us they're "inspired by the urban vinyl toy culture, which began in Asia a decade ago and features uniquely original and highly collectible designs."

Looking at them, we get an anime vibe with the odd eyes. They all lack a mouth (save for the Cheshire Cat, who, naturally, sports a big toothed grin, and the Red Queen) which I confess gave me a vague vision of some bad horror flick in the back of my mind.

They're largely recognizable as their character inspirations -- I presented the Snow White Pook-a-Looz to my daughter and she instantly recognized her as a member of the princess clan. And she, naturally, stole it and hasn't let go since (seriously, I had to wrest the thing back from tea party land so I could actually get a good look at it).

You can check out the whole line at The Disney Store or pick 'em up at Toys R Us. We'd love to know what you think.

Are they cute enough to cuddle or is Disney better off sticking with the originals?

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