Every Parent Can Relate to This Dad's Excuse for a $944 Speeding Ticket

dad speeding ticket
Dalwallinu Police/Twitter
When an Australian police officer pulled over a male driver on Monday morning, there was no question that the man was speeding. This dad was stopped going 60 miles per hour in a 37 mile per hour zone, and in Western Australia, that offense comes with a pretty hefty fine. Although there's nothing funny about speeding, this dad was honest with the officer who pulled him over and explained that he was trying to prevent a different type of serious accident.


As the officer was writing the ticket -- complete with a $1,200 (US $944) penalty and a loss of his license -- for going 23 miles per hour over the speed limit, the man got real with the officer about his urgency. The officer recorded what he said as his official explanation, and Dalwallinu Police later shared a photo of the ticket on Twitter. It's since gone viral, because this desperate dad's sudden need for speed makes sense: "I needed to sh*t, kids have given me gastro."

funny dad speeding ticket
Dalwallinu Police/Twitter

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After 9 News Perth shared the ticket on Facebook, the story quickly went viral with nearly 1,500 shares, as many can relate to his gastrointestinal agony or see what would've been a much better way to deal with his distressed bowels:

Any parents who have ever battled vomiting or diarrhea thanks to their kids' generously sharing the stomach flu can feel this man's pain. Speeding and putting another life at risk isn't the answer, but let's hope he learned his lesson and still made it to the bathroom in time!

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