Mom Killed by 2-Year-Old Son While Out Shopping

Lots of women carry hand guns for protection, but unfortunately lots of women also have small children, and as we know from countless news stories, children and guns do not mix. A prime example of that is the tragic case of a woman who was recently shot in Wal-Mart by her toddler. The woman was reportedly shopping with her 2-year-old son when he was able to grab her gun out of her purse ... and accidentally killed her.


Reportedly, the mom was shopping in the electronics section of the store in Hayden, Idaho, with her toddler when he was able to get ahold of the gun. It's unclear why he would have been able to do so, but what mom hasn't turned her eyes for a few minutes and been distracted while a toddler rummaged through her purse?

And you know how toddlers have a tendency to go for the one thing in your purse you don't want them getting grabby with -- usually it's makeup or your wallet or cash. In this case, it was a gun.

It's hard to think of worse that could happen here -- but if pressed, imagine if the toddler had killed the mom, then began waving the gun at others in the store, or even turned it on himself? Not only that, there were "several" other children present when it happened, though it is unclear if they were all from the same family. What if one or more of them had been shot?

You wouldn't think a 2-year-old would be able to figure out a gun, but apparently it can happen. And this isn't the first time we've heard of this. Remember the toddler who shot his mom while she was changing a baby's diaper?

While people say the safety should have been on, who is to say it wasn't? Also, a lot of guns, especially older models, don't have them.

If you're going to have a gun for protection while having a child around, it's absolutely essential that you not take your eyes off of it for a moment.

It's tragic that this child will have to grow up and one day realize what he accidentally did to his mother. Poor mom. Poor baby.

How do you reconcile gun safety and children?


Image via Matt Scott/Flickr

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