Khloe Kardashian's Divorce From Lamar Odom Just Isn't Happening

Khloe Kardashian Lamar Odom

Ugh. She seems so happy with her new man French Montana, but poor Khloe Kardashian still can't officially move on with her life, because Lamar Odom won't sign the divorce papers.

I know, I know -- it's been, like, forever since Khloe filed for divorce, so why in the hell is it taking so long to end this marriage once and for all? According to RadarOnline, Lamar isn't too thrilled with the fact that Khloe has been spotted out publicly with other men, in particular French Montana.

(Duh. Men always want what they know they can't have.)


A source says, "Lamar knows the marriage is over, but it just isn't a priority to him, filing the response, and going thru the court proceedings. He just wants to live his life in New York and be left alone. The fact it's pissing Khloe off that Lamar is holding out does give him some satisfaction. His ego has taken a huge hit because she is publicly rebounding with French."

Ahh, yes -- the male ego. (What a pain in the ass.) It doesn't matter how clear Khloe has been about the fact that she and Lamar are O-V-E-R. He simply isn't willing to sacrifice his pride by responding to the divorce filing, because it's an admission that he was unsuccessful in one major aspect of his life.

Man, I really feel for Khloe right about now. There's nothing worse than knowing exactly what direction you want your life to go in and having someone hold you back from actually going there. Hopefully for her sake, Lamar will wake up and smell the coffee and realize he's only making himself look like a jerkface by refusing to give Khloe what she wants and needs to finally be happy again.

And what if French (or whatever dude she dates after him) gets sick of the divorce drama and cuts her loose before the relationship even gets started? It would totally suck if her love life is permanently scarred because her husband can't stand the thought of being her ex-husband.

(Get over it dude. And sign the damn papers already.)

Do you feel bad that Lamar is holding Khloe back from her happiness?


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