Tips on Love From The Back-Up Plan

Okay, so life doesn't always happen the way we plan. You're supposed to fall in love, get married, then have kids, right? Well in the movie The Back-Up Plan, it doesn't quite work that way for Zoe (Jennifer Lopez). She thought she'd be married and have kids by now, but since she hasn't found Mr. Right (and she's not getting any younger), she's taking matters into her own hands by getting pregnant through artificial insemination. Low and behold, immediately after, she meets the guy of her dreams.


Well that makes my love life seem very, er, un-complicated. To celebrate Valentine's Day, the folks from The Back-Up Plan have provided us with some funny little tips on love:

  •  Don't immediately vomit when your boyfriend says, "I love you."
  • Don't tell your new boyfriend that you are pregnant (not only that, pregnant with someone else's baby).
  •  Do try some quick local fare (in the trailer it's Gray's Papaya) that's cute, charming, and won't break the bank.
  •  Don't bring your boyfriend to an emotional home birthing.
  •  Do have a back-up plan in case things go wrong (spilled wine, broken pregnancy tests, etc.).
  •  Do take your date to a wonderfully decorated, private dinner for just the two of you.

Got any funny "love" tips you'd like to share?


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