Movie Review: Edge of Darkness

Mel Gibson may have aged quite a bit since the last time we saw him on the big screen seven years ago (his beautiful hair is now balding and those worry lines have turned into deep dented wrinkles), but he's still got it.


Gibson plays Thomas Craven, a Boston detective who's grown daughter gets shot on his doorstep after unexpectedly coming home for a visit. It looks to be a clear-cut case: a recently-released-from-jail criminal looking for revenge. Now, with nothing to lose, Tommy throws himself into a vengeful investigation, stopping at nothing to find the person responsibe for his daughter's death.

But as Tommy delves deeper,  he finds himself in a complex web of corruption and conspiracy between the government and his daughter's employer. And, I have to say, it's sometimes difficult to follow. I'm still not sure if I followed the entire storyline 100% accurately.

The movie is violent, not leaving much to the imagination when it comes to the numerous murders that occur from beginning to end. For someone who is not a huge fan of action movies, and the blood, guts, and gore that oftentimes come with them, it was a bit much for me.

I find Gibson fantastic in this lead. His Boston accent makes even the lamest one-liners somewhat memorable ("You killed my daw-tuh?"). And, blatantly, he's just a badass.

However, the toss-ins of, what I can only guess to be unintentional, humor threw me off. I get the importance of a comedic relief, but this movie did not call for any point.

If I had to rate it, I'd give this movie two out of five stars. Worth sitting through, but only if it's your hubby's turn to pick the movie.

Edge of Darkness hits theaters January 29th. Rated R for strong bloody violence and language.

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