Avatar Breaks Box Office Records


Photo from Avatar

James Cameron's Avatar sank his 1997 movie Titanic, which had, up until this past weekend, held the record for top-grossing international release of all time


It has been number one in the box office since it's release six weeks ago, gaining $1.288 billion compared to Titanic's $1.242 billion.

The domestic record has yet to be broken, but if the 3-D spectacle continues at the rate it's going, it will inevitably happen.

Now, if you take inflation into consideration, Gone with the Wind will have both of Cameron's movies beat. It grossed $400 million worldwide in 1939, now worth at least $6 billion in today's dollars. Cameron, ya ain't got nothin' on that American classic.

Did you see Avatar? What did you think of it? Think it's one of the best movies ever made (as the entire world seems to think so)?

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