Balloon Boy's Dad is Innocent and This Movie Will Prove It!

hot air balloons

Photo by my2luvbugs

Not everyone thinks Balloon Boy's father is a scam artist. And even though Richard Heene eventually admitted in court that he sent folks on a wild goose chase across Colorado to save his son who, he said, was on board a runaway balloon, his filmmaker friend says he believes Heene is innocent.


Steven Barber, 48, is convinced that Heene truly thought his 6-year-old son Falcon was trapped in the balloon and he plans to prove it with the release of his documentary Balloon Boy: Guilty Until Proven Innocent.

Heene is currently serving a 90-day jail sentence.

The film is scheduled to come out later this year.

Will you watch the movie? Have you already made up your mind about the guilt or innocence of Balloon Boy's dad?

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