10 Best Movie Sex Scenes

CafeMom Contributors | Jan 18, 2010 Movies

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  • Brokeback Mountain


    Photo from Brokeback Mountain

    "Call me weird but there was such PURE passion and lust in that scene!" HillaB

    This scene gives a whole new meaning to the term "cowboy up."

  • Out of Sight


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    Talk about sexual tension! When these two finally do the deed, it's pretty freakin' sexy.

  • Titanic


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    Titanic! *sweaty hand against window* LMAO. - caitxrawks


  • Wild Things


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    It's every man's dream: two hot chicks, dripping wet, getting it on right after they try to kill each other.

  • Atonement


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    "I liked the sex scene in Atonement. It was HOT, even though it didn't show much. Too bad the rest of the movie was a real downer." - ceandcsmom



  • A History of Violence


    Photo from New Line Cinema

    This movie has it all: sweet and tender lovemaking and raw and dirty stairway sex. Oh, and Viggo Mortensen.

  • Pearl Harbor


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    "Josh Hartnett is so gorgeous! I know its kinda weird it being a war movie and all, and usually makes me cry, but those love scenes are so...." - serioussifL

  • The Big Easy


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    Ellen Barkin and Dennis Quaid have true chemistry in perhaps one of the steamiest scenes ever filmed.

  • Unfaithful


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    The scene in the cafe bathroom...no wait, the hallway...heck, I'm just going to say this entire movie.

    While I'm not condoning cheating on your husband, Diane Lane sure does make it look hot.

  • 9 1/2 Weeks


    Photo from Amazon

    This movie makes me look at food in a whole new light: the olives, strawberries, pasta...

    "9 1/2 Weeks, hands down, has the best sex scene. Rent it this weekend and watch it with ur man! - anonymous

    "9 1/2 Weeks...*wolf whistles*" - mamakirs

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