The Most Underrated Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now

Devan McGuinness | Jul 31, 2020 Movies
The Most Underrated Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now
Image: Netflix

John Gallagher Jr. and Kate Siegel in Hush (2016)

Horror movies are not for everyone. They're not like other movies that we can use to unwind after a long day. Instead, these are filled with twists, turns, and jump scares that get our blood pumping harder and our heart rate working double time. The best kind of horror movie will get right under the viewer's skin and bury itself deep into the brain. It will have a story line that the viewer will remember for years to come, making them think twice about going to the washroom while on a road trip. It's amazing what a great and terrifying story line can do, but it's challenging to find one that's believable or unpredictable enough to keep the viewer on their toes.

The good thing is, if someone finds themselves in the mood to be terrified for an hour and a half, there are more horror movies and psychological thrillers than ever before. On Netflix, there are entire sections of fear-inducing movies, and they're often broken down into categories: teen slasher, post-apocalyptic, paranormal -- though the best will have some combination.

If there's a desire to watch a scary movie, but one is not sure where to start, Netflix has a great selection of underrated horror movies, ones that aren't given enough praise still today. We've listed the most underrated movies on Netflix -- and these can all be streamed right now.

There's a little bit of something for everyone.

  • 'In the Tall Grass'


    Rated: TV-MA

    The synopsis of In the Tall Grass is terrifying enough: "A brother and sister enter a field of tall grass to rescue a boy, but they soon realize they cannot escape and something evil lurks in the grass." Whatever force is in the tall grass is terrifying and separates the siblings. (They have to fight to find their way back to each other.)

  • 'The Babysitter'


    Rated: TV-MA

    This movie from 2017 stars Samara Weaving, who plays a babysitter to a preteen boy. He has a crush on her -- totally harmless -- until he realizes she's not as innocent as she seems. Yes, the babysitter and her best friends, dabble in human sacrifices.

    Definitely not creepy ...

  • 'The Blackcoat's Daughter'


    Rated: R

    This movie is one that didn't get a lot of attention but really should have. Staring Emma Roberts, she plays a Catholic school student who finds herself in a little bit of a situation that happens to involve demonic possession when she's left behind at school while everyone else is away on winter break.

  • 'Malevolent'


    Rated: TV-MA

    There's a lot more to the story line than just scam artists in a haunted house -- and a whole lot of scares. What they all thought was fake takes a scary transition for the characters in the movie, and the viewer is left perfectly in the dark ... afraid of what's about to happen.

  • 'Insidious'


    Rated: PG-13

    Scare tales with haunted houses is a common backdrop for movies that are designed to scare people, but Insidious takes it to another level. The movie, which was released in 2010, is about a family trying with all its might to stop an evil force from taking hold one of the kids who is in a coma.

  • 'Train to Busan'


    Rated: TV-MA

    This movie hits on some pretty typical horror movie themes -- including zombies -- Train to Busan, a South Korean import, doesn't go too typical and it's surprisingly clever. The story follows a dad and his young daughter who board a train from Seoul to Busan right at a time that a zombie virus hit the area.  

  • 'Final Destination'


    Rated: R

    The original in the Final Destination series, this movie was so good when it was released in 2000, that it spawned an entire movie franchise. While it may be campy and written off as such, the story line is really interesting -- and while it may not the the scariest horror movie available on Netflix, it's still underrated since it's considered a teen slasher flick. 

  • 'All the Boys Love Mandy Lane'


    Rated: R

    Another movie in the teen slasher flick, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane follows a beautiful high school student who accepts an invitation to a weekend party away from the city. The film may seem like it's the typical plot line for teen movies, but it manages to stay suspenseful and fresh. 

  • 'Candyman'


    Rated: R

    A new version of Candyman is set to release later this year, but the original is something that should be watched as well -- and lucky for us, it's on Netflix. The 1992 movie follows the folklore in a small town where reports of a one-armed man mysteriously appears when his name is said five times into a mirror. It's a unique story line that many of us can remember watching when we were teens and can still feel haunted by it to this day.

  • 'The Girl With All the Gifts'


    Rated: R

    This movie has a zombie undertone, but The Girl With All the Gifts plays out a little differently. The human race has been destroyed by a mutated fungal disease, with the disease taking away the free will and turning people into a "flesh-eating" zombies that the movie calls "hungries." A small group of children seem to be immune to the fungal disease's effects, and those kids are subjected to experiments and trials to find a cure for the disease ... but are under heavy guard.

  • 'Fractured'


    Rated: TV-MA

    We know that when a horror movie is centered around a family with kids, it's going to be suspenseful, and that's the premise of this movie. In Fractured, a family is on a road trip when the daughter breaks her arm, and her parents make a stop at a hospital. The mom goes along with their daughter while she gets a scan done on her broken arm. The dad stays back in the waiting room and drifts off to sleep. The twist of this movie comes when he wakes up, and no one in the hospital can tell him where his family is.  

  • 'Would You Rather'


    Rated: Not Rated

    We have all heard of the kid's game "would you rather," and that's what this movie centers on -- but it takes a dramatic and terrifying turn. "It is suspenseful from the outset and has lots of twists and turns to keep you jumping," one reviewer said about Would You Rather on IMDb. "I like the way they created a real world in that crazy house with all the dynamics of family and servants. Extremely creepy." 

  • 'Gerald's Game'


    Rated: TV-MA

    Another one based on a Stephen King novel, this is less horror supernatural and more psychological in terror. A couple take a little vacation to a remote and rural cabin for some sexy alone time. In the cabin, they try something new with each other that leaves Gerald's wife handcuffed when he suffers a heart attack. She's left in a creepy cabin, unable to move, and it's full of scary twists. 

  • 'Hush'


    Rated: R

    Stalker flicks are another genre of scary movies, because the viewer can put themselves in the position of the person who's terrified of the stalker. Hush is one of those movies that follows a deaf writer who lives alone in the woods. Katie Siegel plays a woman who loves her peaceful life, but it's completely disrupted when a masked killer appears. She's forced to fight for her life, but in complete silence. 

  • 'It Comes at Night'


    Rated: R

    This is another one of those movies that's set in some form of world disaster that has panic and chaos all around. That's scary enough, but It Comes at Night has several themes we see across this genre. There's the disaster factor, humans infected with some unknown virus, being secluded in a haunted-style home, and it's an all-family-for-themselves situation. 

    Actors Joel Edgerton and Christopher Abbott are incredible in the movie and really take the viewer on quite the terrifying ride. 


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