20 of Our Favorite Throwback Movies Leaving Netflix in August

20 of Our Favorite Throwback Movies Leaving Netflix in August
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Helen Hunt And Jack Nicholson In 'As Good as It Gets'
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Look fast! We're transitioning into a new month this weekend, and as per usual, that means a ton of movies will be disappearing from Netflix over the next few weeks. Some films have been on the streaming platform for months, while others have only been around for a brief stint. Either way, many of us may not have gotten around to watching them. (Honestly, we might not have ever known they were available on Netflix in the first place.) We all know there's tons of hidden content on the top streaming service, so it's easy to miss something awesome -- regardless of how long it's been available on the site. 

But not to worry, there's still time!

Each month, Netflix loses its contracts for a number of movies, either because they are moving to other streaming services -- like Hulu -- or because Netflix has reached its limit from a certain studio. Occasionally, movies do circle back around and end up on Netflix again down the line, but movie lovers who don't want to risk missing the opportunity to see a particular film without paying extra, might want to queue up their Netflix apps for some late-night (or let's be real ... all-day) watching before the weekend.

In August 2020, quite a few classics will be making their exit from the streaming service, along with some fantastic '90s and 00's era rom-coms and a few family favorites. It might not be possible to catch them all before they're gone, but we've compiled a list of some of the best movies leaving Netflix in August to help narrow down the choices. 

It might be a long haul, so don't forget to load up on snacks!

  • 'As Good As It Gets'


    Leaves Netflix: August 1

    An A-List cast -- including Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, Greg Kinnear and Cuba Gooding Jr. -- come together to tell the story of how a struggling single mom, a cranky, antisocial author, and his gay artist neighbor become friends in the aftermath of a violent robbery. 

    Oh, and there's a cute dog too.

  • 'Back to the Future'


    Leaves Netflix: August 1

    In the first installment of the classic '80s trilogy, smooth talking high-schooler, Marty McFly goes on his first time traveling adventure with the help of wacky scientist Doc Brown. They venture 30 years into the future to change the course of his family's life for good ... but not without getting into all sorts of sticky situations. 

  • 'Back to the Future Part II'


    Leaves Netflix: August 1

    Might as well make it a marathon. The 1980s in all their glory are on full display in Back to the Future Part II, when Marty and Doc travel to the year 2015 -- which shockingly looks absolutely nothing like what the year 2015 looked like and every bit like the year 1987, when the movie was actually filmed. This time, Marty pretends to be his own son in an attempt to prevent him from one day ending up in prison.

  • 'Back to the Future Part III'


    Leaves Netflix: August 1

    While the final installment of the Back to the Future trilogy is probably the least satisfying, the marathon isn't complete without it. In this film, Marty and Doc end up in the Wild Wild West where Marty and Doc have to find a way to fuel the Delorean and get back home without modern materials.

    Doc also (unexpectedly) meets the love of his life.

  • 'E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial'


    Leaves Netflix: August 1

    A gentle and innocent alien ends up stranded on Earth with his only hope of returning him a young, troubled boy named Elliott. Elliott hides the alien, whom he dubs E.T., in his California home where they form a strong bond. Eventually, E.T. becomes ill and must return to his home planet if he has any hope of surviving. An adorable young Drew Barrymore plays Elliott's little sister.

  • 'Twister'


    Leaves Netflix: August 1

    Before there was Storm Chasers, there was Twister. In this '90s hit, a once-married couple of storm chasers put their lives at risk chasing the most violent tornadoes with the hopes of creating an advanced weather system. The couple must work side-by-side, despite their looming divorce.

  • 'Godzilla'


    Leaves Netflix: August 1

    Fans of the oversized reptile Godzilla shouldn't miss the 1998 installment, starring Matthew Broderick, which is essentially a remake. The massive monster arrives in New York City -- doling out death and destruction at every turn -- leaving somewhat of a ragtag group of city dwellers to band together to save the city from Godzilla.

  • 'Can't Hardly Wait'


    Leaves Netflix: August 1

    See Jennifer Love Hewitt in her acting prime in Can't Hardly Wait, a classic '90s teenage rom-com also starring a cast of favorites -- including Ethan Embry, Seth Green, Sean Patrick Thomas, and Peter Facinelli. The story follows a group of high school seniors as they gear up for an epic graduation party, and the boy finally makes his attempt to get the girl before it's too late.

  • 'Guess Who'


    Leaves Netflix: August 1

    Young Zoe Saldana and Ashton Kutcher star alongside comedy legend Bernie Mac in this 2005 remake of the 1967 film Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. A young woman surprises her family when she arrives home for her parents' vow renewal with her new boyfriend in tow, and he turns out to be white (surprise, LOL!). A biracial couple may be no big deal in 2020, but just 15 years ago, it was still sort of taboo.

  • 'Hitch'


    Leaves Netflix: August 1

    In this laugh-out-loud comedy, a ladies' man and professional matchmaker, played by Will Smith, teams up with a nerdy accountant, played by comedian Kevin James, to help him with his dating game ... only to be humbled when he falls fast in love himself, despite every effort not to. This feel-good film is slapstick at its finest, and features a slew of scenes that comedy-lovers won't soon forget.

  • 'Sex and the City 2'


    Leaves Netflix: August 1

    In need of a Carrie Bradshaw fix? The Sex and the City sequel follows Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte from New York to Abu Dhabi, where Samantha's ex is filming a movie. The women are all in seemingly stagnant phases of life and yearning for their once exciting existence, making the trip a much-needed escape. Unlike the television series, this film didn't gain much acclaim from critics or fans, but fashion-lovers will still appreciate the clothing, and fans of the ladies will enjoy the nostalgia.

  • 'Casper'


    Leaves Netflix: August 1

    Netflix seems to drop Casper from its lineup just before Halloween every year. We're not sure what that's about, but 2020 is no different. Still, this favorite of '90s kids near and far is well worth introducing to today's kiddos. A young Christina Ricci moves into a rickety old mansion with her dad only to discover that it's haunted by three ghosts -- the youngest of whom turns out to be a gentle spirit.

  • 'Open Season'


    Leaves Netflix: August 1

    Open Season has been on Netflix for quite some time now, so kids may have already gotten hooked on this silly tale of a huge grizzly bear stuck in the woods before hunting season. He meets up with a mule dear, and the two make an attempt to organize the other woodland animals in an effort to escape the hunters and protect their own lives.

  • 'Stuart Little'


    Leaves Netflix: August 1

    Before there was Remy (Ratatouille), there was Stuart. Based on the novel of the same name by E.B. White of Charlotte's Web, Stuart Little is sure to charm children who love animals or anyone in search of a sweet story. The little mouse is adopted by a human family, much to the ire of their pet cat, who will go to any measure to scare Stuart off.

  • 'Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory'


    Leaves Netflix: August 1

    Starring the legendary late Gene Wilder, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory is a childhood favorite of many people raised in the 1970s and 1980s. It follows young Charlie as he seeks and then wins a visit to a local chocolate factory run by the eccentric Willy Wonka. Charlie and his grandfather arrive at the fantastical chocolate factory and discover that there's actually a competition inside of the competition.

  • 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'


    Leaves Netflix: August 1

    In this modern remake of Willy Wonka, the ever-quirky Johnny Depp takes on the role of the reclusive chocolatier. The story itself remains in keeping with the original, though we get a little more backstory into how Wonka ended up the way he is, and the kids get into a few new hijinks while visiting the chocolate factory. The visuals in the remake though are well worth a watch. Make it a movie night and watch both back-to-back.

  • 'Freedom Writers'


    Leaves Netflix: August 1

    Hilary Swank plays a first-year teacher in crime and poverty stricken Long Beach, California, at a high school in the middle of voluntary integration in 1994. Swank's character ends up in an effort to reach her most at-risk students and inspire them to work to their full potentials, put aside their beefs, and strive for lives different from the ones they've always known.

  • 'Hancock'


    Leaves Netflix: August 1

    In one of his more offbeat roles, Will Smith plays an alcoholic superhero who just can't seem to get things right. That is until he saves a PR expert from sure death from an oncoming train. In thanks, the savvy public relations professional embarks on a mission to help Hancock turn things around, bringing him into his family and sparking some surprising issues. 

  • 'Jarhead'


    Leaves Netflix: August 1

    Jarhead is a must-see for anyone into war movies. Starring Jamie Foxx and Jake Gyllenhaal, it's the story of a U.S. Marine sniper serving in the Gulf War and managing the physical and psychological effects of operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, while obsessing over what's going on back home -- particularly with his girlfriend whom he suspects of cheating. Jarhead 2 and Jarhead 3 are also leaving Netflix the same day, but if ya only have time for one, pick the first.

  • 'The Pianist'


    Leaves Netflix: August 1

    This critically acclaimed tearjerker stars Adrian Brody as a Jewish pianist living in Warsaw during World War II. It's based on the autobiography of Wladyslaw Szpilman, who played the piano for a Polish Jewish radio station. The film follows Szipilman's story as he sees the city transform, is pushed into the Warsaw Ghetto, is separated from his family, and eventually goes into hiding after the city falls.

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