17 Steamy Netflix Movies & Series to Watch After '365 Days'

Chloe Wilt | Jul 3, 2020 Movies
17 Steamy Netflix Movies & Series to Watch After '365 Days'
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Anna Maria Sieklucka and Michele Morrone in 365 dni (2020)

The internet went wild for the incredibly steamy, 50 Shade of Grey-style movie on Netflix called 365 Days. The film follows a mafia member who kidnaps a woman that he's fallen in love with, and has a goal of making her love him like he loves her in the span of a year. It's been trending in the top 10 on Netflix for a few weeks -- in part because of the sensual sex scenes. One of the most jaw-dropping scenes is a five-minute straight sex scene on a boat that leaves nothing to the imagination. The streaming platform knew just what to serve us during these crazy times, and the two-hour erotic thriller was all we could have wanted. 

But, now we need new steamy content to watch. 

Netflix has plenty of NSFW content that moms will want to put on after the kids go to bed. There are a wide variety of series and films with erotic scenes that are too inappropriate for network television. The streaming service has added even more sexy movies and shows during the global new normal, while we all are bored in the house. 

365 Days first went viral on the app TikTok, where people were shocked by the insanely graphic sex scenes. After checking out the viral flick, viewers have gotten to searching for equally as salacious content on the platform. Some of the movies or series are erotic thrillers, while other have more romantic comedy vibes. 

Instead of wasting time by scrolling through Netflix and researching parent guides, we've crafted a list of the steamiest content on Netflix. Here are 17 movies and series to watch ASAP when in the mood for another arousing watch. 

  • 'She's Gotta Have It'


    Spike Lee's reboot of his first feature film follows Nola Darling (DeWanda Wise), a millennial Brooklyn artist making it work as a single woman in the city. Nola is trying to follow her dreams while dividing her time among friends and a trio of lovers: a married businessman, a photographer, and a basketball enthusiast. 

  • 'Sense8'


    Eight strangers suddenly find they have the ability to connect with one another's thoughts and actions. As they find each other, they try to determine how this has happened to them -- all the while they are being hunted by an organization that seeks to destroy them. The series is very LGBTQ-friendly and has a diverse cast of new and veteran actors. 

  • 'Easy'


    This Netflix series follows a different couple in each episode, and details a part of their romantic and intimate sex life. As the episodes go on, it becomes more clear how each story is intertwined. From a married couple trying to spice things up again, to another couple attempting a threesome with a new friend for the first time, there are quite a few steamy scenes in Easy.

  • 'The Witcher'


    This fantasy thriller isn't just about a mutated monster hunter; there is also plenty of hot sex scenes with Game of Thrones-style nudity. Geralt of Rivia, a Witcher, is tasked with hunting down horrifying monsters, even though he is part-monster himself. Geralt struggles to find his place in the world, because many of the humans are proving to be worse than the creatures he's supposed to kill. 

  • 'Gypsy'


    Jean (Naomi Watts) is a New York City-based therapist who seems to have the perfect life. However, as she gets closer to some of her patients, the line between professional and personal becomes blurred. This series follows the disastrous decisions she makes for love that make Jean question her ethics and her career.

  • 'Burlesque'


    This 2010 classic stars Christina Aguilera and Cher. In Burlesque, Christina plays Ali, a small-town girl with a big voice who sets out to make it in Los Angeles. Ali finds work at a burlesque lounge as a waitress, but is discovered by the owner -- who was once one of the biggest musical revue houses in town. Ali sets out to perform and bring back its former glory. 

  • 'American Honey'

    Sasha Lane in American Honey (2016)

    This romantic indie film follows Star (Sasha Lane), a troubled teen who runs away from home. On the road, she finds a traveling sales crew -- including Jake (Shia LaBeouf) who she quickly falls for. This gaggle of teenage salespeople living a raucous lifestyle of drugs, sex, and partying, and Star is quickly caught up in all of it. 

  • 'Love'


    Murphy (Karl Glusman), an American film student, is living in Paris with his Parisian girlfriend, Electra (Aomi Muyock). The two enter into a one-night stand with a third partner, Omi (Klara Kristin). Murphy goes behind Electra's back and enters into an affair with Omi, which ends in her getting pregnant. Murphy and Electra's relationship ends tumultuously, which he revisits in flashbacks over the next two years. 

  • 'Sleeping With Other People'


    Alison Brie and Jason Sudeikis star in this movie about two die-hard singles trying to stay just friends. The two met on a one-night stand years ago and happen to run into each other 12 years later. The couple try to be friends, but their mutual attraction is undeniable. Their relationship, platonic or not, ends up changing them both for the better. 

  • 'Berlin Syndrome'


    In Berlin Syndrome, one-night stand ends in disaster, when a woman is held captive by her seducer. An Australian photographer is on holiday in Berlin where she meets a disturbed teacher. He invites her to his apartment where they indulge in a night of romance. However, when she wakes up the next day, she finds herself trapped. 

  • 'Duck Butter'


    Two women decide to try out a bit of a sexual experiment to heal from broken and jaded past relationships. Naima (Alia Shawkat) and Sergio (Laia Costa) make a pact to spend the next 24 hours together and have sex once every hour. What follows is a discovery of unexpected intimacy.

  • 'Blue Is the Warmest Color'


    Most will remember the controversy that this romantic film drummed up when it first released in 2013. The film follows Adele's (Adèle Exarchopoulos) sexual awakening, in which she meets a blue-haired beauty (Léa Seydoux). There are plenty of explicit scenes between the two women, but ultimately, it's a story of first love and true heartbreak. 

  • 'Below Her Mouth'


    Two women fall in love over the course of three days, despite their near opposite personalities and lifestyles. Jasmine (Natalie Krill) is a fashion editor living with her fiancé, but on a spur-of-the-moment night out, she meets Dallas (Erika Linder), a confident newly single woman. Dallas and Jasmine engage in a brief encounter that turns into something much more real, but Jasmine has her fiancé to worry about. 

  • 'Newness'


    Bored in their relationship and living in Los Angeles, Martin (Nicholas Hoult) and Gabi (Laia Costa) decide to dip their toes into the hookup culture of dating apps. As a result, the couple invite a third party into their bedroom and attempt an open relationship. Now, they are both pushing physical and emotional boundaries that they never had before. 

  • 'Concussion'


    In Concussion, Abby suffers a severe blow to the head, resulting in a concussion that changes the way she views the world. She has a wife and beautiful children, but Abby realizes that something is missing -- so she seeks out excitement by becoming a sex worker and visiting fellow prostitutes. Now, Abby has to find ways to keep her double life a secret from her family. 

  • 'Blue Valentine'


    Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams play a couple who's marriage is slowly failing, and we see Dean and Cindy throughout three stages of their lives. Watching the two fall in love with an intense passion makes their relationship's demise even more heartbreaking. The couple both come from differently dysfunctional families that clearly affect the way they love one another. 

  • 'Cuddle Weather'


    In the film Cuddle Weather, two sex workers find that the one thing they are missing is intimacy, and seek it out in each other. Adela Johnson (Sue Ramirez), a seasoned prostitute, met Ram (RK Bagatsing), a rookie call boy, when they both were on a paid gig. They decide to enter into a physical relationship, but soon realize they want more from each other. 

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