17 Movies Leaving Netflix in July To Binge ASAP

Chloe Wilt | Jun 30, 2020 Movies
17 Movies Leaving Netflix in July To Binge ASAP

Tom Cruise and Samantha Morton in Minority Report (2002)
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There are plenty of great movie choices heading to Netflix next month, but that means a lot of our favorite movies are leaving the streaming service too. Every month, the platform terminates its contract to play some of these films, so that means these movies will no longer be available on this site. Sometimes, it's because of new streaming services -- such as  Disney+ -- popping up, or it's because the quota of movies from a particular studio is filled. Regardless, now is the time to catch up on all of the movies about to leave the site for good. We all love a good Netflix binge-watch, so grab a snack, a bottle of wine, and start watching these movies. 

We've curated a list of some of the most entertaining movies from the list of all titles set to leave Netflix in July. These 17 movies have something for everyone. There are a few action-packed adventure movies and thrillers, and some award-winning indie movies included in the list. There are also plenty of romantic comedies for that perfect lockdown date night

More movies from Netflix's lineup of stuff leaving the shelves have been on the site before and will likely come back again -- but we don't want to bank on that and miss out on some of these great flicks. Check out these 17 movies leaving Netflix for good that nobody will want to miss out on seeing.

  • 'Event Horizon'


    Leaves Netflix: July 1

    The Event Horizon is a spaceship that went missing years ago but has suddenly resurfaced. Astronauts and scientists explore the ship's remains and try to come up with an answer for its mysterious disappearance and arrival. However, they need to be careful, because the ship picked up a few sinister hitchhikers out in space.

  • 'Kiss the Girls'


    Leaves Netflix: July 1

    A serial kidnapper and rapist is on the loose, and detectives are having a hard time coming up with any leads. When one of the survivors finally escapes, they have someone to help them. Morgan Freeman plays Dr. Alex Cross, one of the officers on the case, and Ashley Judd plays Kate, the escapee. Cross is much closer to this case because his niece is also one of the missing women.

  • 'Minority Report'


    Leaves Netflix: July 1

    This sci-fi flick stars Tom Cruise as a detective in the PreCrime Unit in 2054. In this future world, police have a special technology that allows them to find out who will commit a crime before it happens. Tom Cruise's character, Chief John Anderton, questions the technology after he is accused of murdering a man he has never met.

  • 'Blue Valentine'


    Leaves Netflix: July 3

    This heartbreaking romance details the unraveling of a marriage, showcasing the love story in flashbacks. The divorce is messy, and the passion once shared as kids is clearly gone. Dean (Ryan Gosling) and Cindy (Michelle Williams) live a classic suburban life with their daughter, but their whirlwind romance seems like so much more. 

  • 'The Iron Lady'


    Leaves Netflix: July 6

    In The Iron Lady, Meryl Streep plays the former British prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, who was a notoriously hard-headed and strong woman. (Meryl received an Academy Award for her work in this role, unsurprisingly.) The film reflects on Thatcher's life and career -- and how she had to break through a glass ceiling in a classist and sexist society, all while dealing with the death of her husband.

  • 'Solo: A Star Wars Story'


    Leaves Netflix: July 9

    Now that the Star Wars franchise is a Disney-owned property, it's time to say goodbye to Han Solo's prequel. This movie shows how Han came to be the legend he was known as in the Star Wars series. He meets his best friend, Chewbaca, and discovers the Millenium Falcon, his beloved ship. Plus, he manages to narrowly escape multiple life-threatening situations.

  • 'The Spectacular Now'

    Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller in The Spectacular Now (2013)

    Leaves Netflix: July 10

    This sweet teen romance shows how relationships affect the final stages of high school. Sutter (Miles Teller) is the popular party kid with no real ambition who falls for the quiet smart girl, Aimee (Shailene Woodley). Aimee helps Sutter find his passion -- outside of drinking and partying in their small hometown -- and Sutter helps Aimee lighten up and have some fun. 

  • 'Obvious Child'

    Jenny Slate in

    Leaves Netflix: July 19

    Jenny Slate plays Donna, a newly unemployed comedian who is still trying to make it as a stand-up comic. Now, she must figure out how to be an adult and is dealing with the added pressure of an unplanned pregnancy via a fling from college. At least Donna has plenty of content for her stand-up set, but she needs to get a better head on her shoulders before the baby arrives. 

  • 'Room'


    Leaves Netflix: July 19

    This heartbreaking and thrilling film shows a beautiful relationship between a mom and her son in the most disturbing of circumstances. Brie Larson plays Ma, a young women who was kidnapped and raped by an abductor and kept in a locked shed -- with nothing to see out of but a skylight. Her son is the only thing keeping her sane, and gives her the motivation to escape. 

  • 'Life After Beth'


    Leaves Netflix: July 19

    In Life After Beth, Beth (Aubrey Plaza) tragically dies, leaving her boyfriend, Zach (Dane DeHaan), heartbroken and grieving. When she mysteriously returns from the dead, he is thrilled at first. However, that joy turns to fear when she starts acting differently. Zombie Beth is proving to be a difficult character to protect and keep under control. 

  • 'Bolt'


    Leaves Netflix: July 22

    John Travolta voices this animated pup who lives his life believing he is a real-life superhero. Bolt is a dog starring in his own television show, and it isn't until he escapes from the TV set that he realizes that he doesn't have super powers, and that he's actually just a lost puppy. He enlists the help of a mangy cat and a hamster to get him back to his human, Penny (Miley Cyrus). 

  • 'Inglourious Basterds'


    Leaves Netflix: July 22

    This Quentin Tarantino-directed film explores the dark world of Nazi assassins. Jewish soldiers enact their revenge against the Nazis that have begun persecuting them at the start of World War II. Lt. Aldo Raine (Brad Pitt) and his soldiers team up with a British actress, who helps them bring down the Nazi soldiers and leaders of the Third Reich. 

  • 'Dark Places'


    Leaves Netflix: July 26

    Charlize Theron plays a woman who has to come face-to-face with the harrowing mystery of her mother and sister's murders. Her brother is convicted of the crime, but she's not so sure he is guilty. Ever since the tragic events from her childhood, she's been living off donations and lectures with not a lot of ambition. The reinvestigation brings up traumatic memories, and ultimately, a girsly truth. 

  • 'Ex Machina'


    Leaves Netflix: July 26

    This dystopian future sci-fi investigates the possibilities of AI, or artificial intelligence. A researcher, Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson), comes to study a new robot with humanlike qualities, Ava (Alicia Vikander), and ends up falling for her tricks. Although the scientist who created her isn't the most upstanding guy, he still tries to convince Caleb that she's not actually real and that she isn't as innocent as she seems.

  • 'Country Strong'


    Leaves Netflix: July 27

    Gwyneth Paltrow plays a troubled country singer who is dealing with drug and alcohol addiction. Superstar Kelly Canter is worried that she is about to be surpassed by a younger and fresher talent that has just been introduced to the industry. In addition, she is also concerned that her husband and manager is grooming this protégé for more than just her musical ability. 

  • 'Ant-Man and the Wasp'


    Leaves Netflix: July 29

    All Marvel movies are also leaving the Netflix platform for Disney Plus, and Ant-Man is the latest victim. Paul Rudd plays Scott Lang, a dad who is still trying to come to terms with the powers of his newfound supersuit that allows him to shrink to minuscule sizes. His love interest, Hope Pym (Evangeline Lilly), gets her own flying supersuit -- labelling her the Wasp -- and the two fight alongside each other. 

  • 'Her'


    Leaves Netflix: July 29

    In this dystopian future, people count on technology for everything. Everyone wears a Bluetooth headset, which commands their daily schedules, entertainment, and more -- sort of like Siri. One man, Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix), is reeling from a recent divorce and finds a different kind of solace in his new headset voice: love.

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