20 Movies Coming to Netflix in July to Keep Us Entertained

Chloe Wilt | Jun 29, 2020 Movies
20 Movies Coming to Netflix in July to Keep Us Entertained
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Mandy Moore and Shane West in A Walk to Remember (2002)
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Get ready, because Netflix is back with some incredible movies for July. The range of genres is downright flawless, and we can't wait to get our eyes on this content. Every month, Netflix announces its latest lineup of movies and series that's headed to the site, and it seems to be getting better and better. From horror to animated children's movies, there is a broad range of titles for anyone in the family to enjoy. July is the month of love, apparently, because there are so many romantic titles coming to the streaming service. These movies will be perfect for a stay-at-home date night, which is exactly what we need right now. 

Netflix has taken over all of our lives recently, and it seems like we keep running out of new movies to watch. Luckily, the platform is always on the hunt for new content and updates monthly, so we can never get bored. We combed through the list of everything coming this July, and found all of the best movies for tired moms to watch alone, with their partners, or something to throw on for the kids. 

Last month we saw some fan-favorites arrive to the platform, and leave. Some of the most highly anticipated flicks are Netflix Originals. While we're always looking for a new series to check out, sometimes, a movie night is exactly what will help us unwind. So grab your favorite drink, some popcorn, and pop on one of these flicks when they hit Netflix next month. Here are 20 movies perfect for any night of the week or any occasion that are coming to Netflix in July 2020. 

  • 'A Walk to Remember'


    Coming to Netflix: July 1

    Get those tissues ready, because this Nicholas Sparks' romance is coming to Netflix. Mandy Moore and Shane West star in this sweet teen romance about the popular boy falling for the nerdy girl. Jamie and Landon are two of the most iconic romantic movie characters in film history. In A Walk to Remember, Jamie warns Landon of falling in love with her, because she has been diagnosed with leukemia, and it threatens to ruin the love they've fought so hard for. 

  • 'Airplane!'


    Coming to Netflix: July 1

    This raunchy '80s comedy is a spoof of all of the disaster movies from the 1970s. It takes place on a plane where all of the cabin crew, pilots, and passengers are out of action due to food poisoning. Another major problem: The person in charge of landing the plane has a deathly fear of flying and his girlfriend just dumped him. 

  • 'Charlotte's Web'


    Coming to Netflix: July 1

    This sweet children's movie is based on the classic novel by E.B. White. In Charlotte's Web, Wilbur the pig has been taken to a farm after being raised by a kind little girl played by Dakota Fanning. Wilbur makes friends with the animals at the farm and becomes especially close to a spider in the corner of his pen, named Charlotte. In an attempt to save Wilbur from slaughter, Charlotte uses her wordsmith abilities to describe her friend in a positive light. 

  • 'Definitely, Maybe'


    Coming to Netflix: July 1

    Will (Ryan Reynolds) is in the middle of a divorce when his daughter (Abigail Breslin) asks to hear about his life before marriage. He begins three romantic stories about three different women, but doesn't reveal their names so his daughter can guess which one became his wife. The sweet rom-com isn't just about finding love, it's about a father-daughter relationship. 

  • 'Frida'


    Coming to Netflix: July 1

    This biopic tells the story of the bold artist Frida Kahlo. The film takes place in Mexico City, and follows her various romantic affairs and long-term relationship with her mentor. Salma Hayek portrayed the iconic surrealist artist, earning an Oscar nomination for the role. Frida allows us to get a closer look at the artwork behind the pained artist. 

  • 'I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry' 


    Coming to Netflix: July 1

    Firefighters and best friends Chuck (Adam Sandler) and Larry (Kevin James) take a massive leap in their friendship by getting married in a domestic partnership. The two make headlines, but no one realizes it's all a facade. Larry, a widower, needed to be married so he can name his children as beneficiaries on his life insurance policy. 

  • 'Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events'


    Coming to Netflix: July 1

    A few years ago, Netflix created a series based around Lemony Snicket's beloved children's book series. But even before that, it was made into a movie -- starring Jim Carrey as the evil Count Olaf. Now, fans of the novels can watch the movie as well as binge-watch the series on Netflix. The story is of the extremely unlucky Baudelaire children, who are sent to live with nefarious relatives after their parents' death. 

  • 'Million Dollar Baby'


    Coming to Netflix: July 1

    A hard-as-nails boxing gym owner, Frankie Dunn (Clint Eastwood), doesn't want to train a young woman in his ring, but Maggie (Hilary Swank) convinces him otherwise. Through her training, the two form a close bond, and she is able to become a professional boxer. The real heartbreaking twist comes at the end of the movie, when an accident in the ring becomes life-threatening. 

  • 'Sleepless in Seattle'


    Coming to Netflix: July 1

    This classic '90s rom-com, starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, is just what dreams are made of. Sam (Tom Hanks) is a widower who lives with his son to the Seattle area, and little Jonah makes his father famous by trying to find him a wife on a talk-radio show. Annie (Meg Ryan) falls for the story and eventually for Sam -- and the two try to meet up in person. 

  • 'Splice'


    Coming to Netflix: July 1

    This horrifying sci-fi flick is totally disturbing and perfect for a scary movie night in. Two scientists are charged with creating animal hybrids, but they take it too far when they use human DNA. The creature that comes from their science experiment, who they call Dren, is enthralling and deadly. Dren's intelligence and strength quickly accelerate to a nightmarish level. 

  • 'The Karate Kid'


    Coming to Netflix: July 1

    The Karate Kid trilogy is coming to Netflix, so kids can finally understand the "wax on, wax off" metaphor, learning from the master, Mr. Miyagi, himself. Daniel (Ralph Macchio) reluctantly moves to Southern California with his mom and is bullied by some of the best karate fighters in the area. Luckily, his next door neighbor, Mr. Miyagi, is a martial arts master. 

  • 'The Witches'


    Coming to Netflix: July 1

    Based on the classic children's book by Roald Dahl, The Witches is about a witch convention taking place at a mysterious hotel. Luke accidentally spies on the convention and sees some disturbing transformations. Anjelica Huston plays one of the witches, who transform from beautiful women into horrific monsters crafted from incredible makeup art. 

  • 'Desperados'


    Coming to Netflix: July 3

    This new Netflix rom-com tells the story of a totally desperate 30-something named Wesley (Nasim Pedrad). Wesley finally meets the man of her dreams, but after he ghosts her, she's heartbroken and sends him a scathing email. When Wesley gets a call from an unknown number in Mexico, it's him. Now, she has to right her mistaken message by following him on his vacation ... and try not to look even more desperate than she already has. 

  • 'How Do You Know'


    Coming to Netflix: July 7

    Netflix is giving us so many romantic comedies this month, and this Reese Witherspoon one is another for the record books. In How Do You Know, Reese plays Lisa, a retired softball player, who is trying to find the one. First, she meets a professional baseball player, Matty (Owen Wilson) -- who is seemingly perfect -- until she meets stock broker George (Paul Rudd) who also seems like the one. Now, she's caught in a love triangle and has to figure out who she will choose. 

  • 'Mucho Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado'

    Walter Mercado
    Gladys Vega/ Getty Images

    Coming to Netflix: July 8

    This documentary tells the story of the world's most famous astrologer. Walter Mercado can read the stars and tell the future, which he did in a televised broadcast for 30 years. Then, he mysteriously disappeared. This film describes his life, legacy, and what happened when he left the public eye. 

  • 'The Old Guard'


    Coming to Netflix: July 10

    Charlize Theron plays the leader of centuries-old immortals with superhuman abilities. The group of mercenaries can heal themselves, and must discover who is onto their secret society. The film is based on a comic book series of the same name, and also stars Chiwetel Ejiofor, Veronica Ngo, Harry Melling, and more. 

  • 'Pride & Prejudice'


    Coming to Netflix: July 16

    This adaptation of the Jane Austen novel is one of the greatest love stories of all time. Elizabeth Bennet (Keira Knightley) is facing serious pressure to get married, but her independent nature means she turns her nose up at any man. But when she meets Mr. Darcy (Matthew MacFadyen), the chemistry is undeniable. 

  • 'The Notebook'


    Coming to Netflix: July 18

    Another classic love story. Basically, Noah (Ryan Gosling) and Allie (Rachel McAdams) have been our relationship goals since 2004. In The Notebook, Noah is from the wrong side of the southern tracks, and Allie's high society family would never approve of their relationship as anything more than a summer fling. But Noah waits for her love until she finally comes around. 

  • 'Animal Crackers'


    Coming to Netflix: July 24

    This children's movie has the vocal talents of some serious stars -- like Danny DeVito, John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Ian McKellen, Raven Symoné, and Sylvester Stallone. A family finds a box of magical animal crackers that can help them save a circus from their evil uncle, who is threatening the lives of the animals and people who work it. 

  • 'The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie'


    Coming to Netflix: July 30

    Another perfect option to throw on for the kids is this movie following our favorite animated vegetables. Three lazy vegetables are transported back to the 17th century on a pirate's ship. They must go on a quest to save the royal family from an evil tyrant, and sing a few songs along the way. Prepare to have a few tunes played on repeat after the kiddos watch this flick. 

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