Kristen Stewart To Play Princess Diana in New Movie & Royal Fans Are Not Happy

Kimberly White/Getty Images; Jamal A. Wilson/AFP via Getty Images

Kristen Stewart and Princess Diana
Kimberly White/Getty Images; Jamal A. Wilson/AFP via Getty Images

There's a new movie about the royals coming called Spencer, and its lead is Kristen Stewart. The actor is playing beloved royal Princess Di in a film about her days deciding to cut ties with the royals and divorce Prince Charles. Princess Diana was a cultural icon and has impacted the world with her class and style in the decades after her death. 

Still, it doesn't seem people are happy with this casting choice and have no problem letting their feelings be known.

  • Kristen Stewart has an uncanny resemblance to Princess Diana.

    Although Kristen was a surprising choice to play the royal, when looking at the two side-by-side, it's clear they share a resemblance. With the right styling, these two could be twins. Pablo Larraín -- who is responsible for the Natalie Portman-led biopic about Jackie Kennedy -- is set to direct the feature, which is sure to be a hit at the Cannes Film Festival.

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  • Princess Diana and K-Stew seem to have some things in common.

    Kristen Stewart and Princess Diana
    Michael Murdock/; Noble/Draper/Splash News

    It's not just their looks that they have in common. Princess Diana and Kristen both despise the attention fame brought, and tried to be as private as possible. Sure, K-Stew is going to have to work on her British accent, but the press-hating energy is already there.

  • Still, some are concerned that Kristen doesn't have the emotional range to pull off the role. 

    Instagram comments

    ... and that's putting it nicely.

    "And the movie is a flop before it's made," one critic snapped.

    "Kristen 'can't act' Stewart is going to be Princess Di?! I can't," another added.


    Kristen got her start in the Twilight franchise, and although that's always what she will be best-known for, it's definitely not an accurate representation of her acting abilities. Though some (OK ... a lot) are bashing the star -- and feel unimpressed by the casting choice -- others understand roles from Kristen Stewart's past are not all she should be judged on.

  • 'Spencer' will follow Princess Diana's decision to divorce Prince Charles. 

    Princess Diana
    Noble/Draper/Splash News

    Princess Diana was in line to be queen one day, but she knew it wasn't the life that she wanted. Nicknamed "The People's Princess," Diana was as down-to-earth as they come. She loved to connect with her subjects, helping those closest to her ... but the royal knew that the life she had signed up for wasn't one she envisioned for herself. 

    Spencer will follow a critical weekend at the House of Windsor in Norfolk, England, over a Christmas holiday. Instead of focusing on Diana's death, the movie will focus on other important aspects of her life: her love for family and her independence.

  • Maybe she will pull it off?

    Kristen Stewart
    Jen Lowery/Splash News

    Kristen has done biopics before and understands what kind of undertaking it will be. Most recently, the actor portrayed Jean Seberg, a new wave French actor who became the target of an FBI investigation because of her involvement with the civil rights movement. Kristen has range, too, so maybe Spencer won't be as horrible as people think.

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